First Game against Old Actonians

This was the first game of the season, where we were playing on an 11-a-side pitch, with a much bigger goal (no one could jump and touch the crossbar), so it was a different experience to what we had of competitive football before. For a start, we had no substitutes, so people could not swap on and off if they got tired; this became problematic for a lot of us as particularly towards the end of the game we found it quite difficult to breathe normally. Unfortunately Hannah and Ella both got injured (not majorly, thank goodness) so it got to 9-a-side at one point. It really helped that Alice came to the match and gave us excellent feedback, as well as enthusiastic comments from the side lines so we improved greatly in the second half of the match (with 11-a-side it’s 45 minutes each way), and had a couple of shots on target. The final score came to 4-0 to the opposing team, but we definitely learnt a lot from this game and that perhaps we should get a bit fitter to be less tired! The positioning and ball play was good throughout the game, with communication going on throughout. Well done to all.

by Anouk