U15s v Reach Out

Reach Out could not bring together a full team so we played a 7-a-side tournament as we had 14 players. We swapped teams on and off so at least no one collapsed from exhaustion! Positioning, particularly with the wingers, improved massively and there was extremely little crowding around the ball and excellent passing/ball play. We had a few shots on target but unfortunately we did not get any in; I think a major point for our side is to become more confident with shooting and to take opportunities as they come when it comes to attacking. The defensive work was great; people were covering for each other and a big well done to Jess for saving some wonderful shots. The final score came to 2-0, but as they had forfeited before we had started we grabbed three points. All in all a very good game, a big well done to Emmanuella and Julia who made some very good shots on target.

by Anouk